Affirmation Oils

An affirmation is a positive statement of change, repeated frequently to literally reprogramme our thoughts to effect a positive change to our mental soundtrack and related behaviours and outcomes.

These can be unique to you which I have talked about in my Intentions section and I encourage you to continue to write strong statements that help support the change you wish to make but some affirmations are universal, linked to a specific issue, chakra, crystal or mineral. By their very nature, these affirmations are more general and can be a great starting point for you to begin working on change within.

The affirmations I have created are universally specific to each chosen crystal and mineral, combined with a pure essential oil that has a corresponding energetic signature. The combination is mutually supportive with the properties of the plant known to heal aspects of our wellbeing infused with the mineral which also works to shift our unhelpful beliefs, behaviours and traits, that left unchecked can make us really unwell or out of balance.

Each affirmation oil also contains sweet almond oil as a neutral base carrier which allows the plant oil and crystal chips to connect with each other. Each glass bottle has a roller ball to apply the infusion to your skin, cut and polished from the same crystal or mineral as the tiny polished chips within.

The affirmation itself is written on the bottle label and should be repeated as many times as you wish throughout your day for as long as feels right for you. This may be done silently or out loud. You may also like to try looking at yourself in the mirror as you say it, which takes practice but does get easier over time. You may want to sit quietly afterwards to reflect on or write down any thoughts or reactions that occur.

The crystals I have chosen are natural amplifiers, magnifying the loving affirmation said by you, back to you, creating a powerful feedback loop that is truly life changing.

Please check with your health professional before use but my research has indicated that star anise, jasmine, parsley seed and rosemary should not be used when pregnant or breast feeding. Apply tangerine oil to the skin away from direct sunlight.

The dilution rate I have used blending the essential oil with the sweet almond oil is between 0.5% to 3% to achieve a beautiful scent while minimising the risk of an allergic reaction to the pure essence of the chosen plant.

My range of Affirmation Oils

Amethyst with Lavender – I humbly walk the path of transformation

A blend of humility and transformation, associated with spiritual development, transmuting anger, resentment and a lack of mental discipline into feelings of peace, tranquility and a sense of universal connection which facilitates meditation, stimulates new ideas and joyful ways of being.

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Aventurine with Tangerine – I release old fears to create without limits

A blend to waken up our sense of unlimited potential and the excitement of trying new things, overcoming unhelpful inhibitions, soothing and supporting us to let go of old fears formed in childhood.

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Clear Quartz with Jasmine – I am divine love and light

A blend to remind us that we are light beings, rediscovering what that truly means, raising our energetic vibration or light quotient in every part of our bodies, awakening a spiritual dimension to our lives as we navigate the learning experiences of matter, pain and loss to rise from our forgetfulness to fulling embracing all that we are.

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Fluorite with Rosemary – My focused mind creates structured order

A blend to focus us on new ways of organizing our lives, using mental self-discipline to commit to our tasks one at a time and see them through to completion, negating the clutter, brain fog and distractions that so often keep us on repeat, uniting the heart and mind to act together to bring us to a clear sense of purpose.

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Golden Tiger Eye with Star Anise – I am confident and self-reliant

A blend for clear confidence, bringing all aspects of a situation together to offer a clear pathway grounded in practicality, trusting our gut reactions now our physical, emotional and etheric bodies and brain are in balance, optimistically taking deliberate and decisive action with a full belief in ourselves to achieve the chosen outcome.

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Obsidian with Benzoin – I see my whole self with loving honesty

A blend to discover our true selves and the deep-rooted traumas that underpin our current state and way of being, opening our hearts to truthful perceptions that will shift us from disillusion, stagnation and the illnesses arising from that space, to one where balance and flow and a sense of harmony with all can flourish.

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Red Jasper with Cedarwood – I cherish me to better nurture others

A blend to remind us that taking care of ourselves is not a selfish act but essential for our wellbeing; grounding, sustaining and protective so that now we are stronger and revitalised to look after all those we care for.

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Rose Quartz with Palmarosa – I love and accept myself unconditionally

A blend of self-forgiveness, to let go of the hurts, resentment and anger that keep us stuck in place of pain and which eventually lead to physical illness; a gentle loving blend that supports us letting go of all the things we cannot change, healing our wounds with acceptance, non-judgment and compassion, leading us back to the purity of being fully present in divine love.

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Sodalite with Parsley Seed – In loving self-honesty I create new ways

A blend to stimulate rational thought and clarity, to negate repetitive, unhelpful mind loops, provoking a sense of clear certainty and new vision, which can be fully manifested as the outcome when an honest truth resonates throughout our full being, mind, emotional body and etheric bodies, allowing for profound change to take place.

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