What is Programming Crystals and Minerals?

Programming doesn’t need to be done as we may simply be happy to let our mineral reveal its innate energy to us, but may be done as and when we want a specific outcome or change in our lives.

Simply holding our chosen piece while thinking about the issue in question or visualising the outcome we would like, connects us to the energetic support of our universe. Sometimes what we need isn’t what we think we want, so clear, simple pictures and thoughts are best. Remember that we can only change ourselves and the way we perceive a situation. Our thoughts create our reality.

A clear affirmation can be said or thought, while holding our chosen crystal or mineral, to focus on a particular issue. This may also be written down and placed somewhere prominent as we work the change we wish, as a reminder. Quartz is the natural amplifier of the mineral world and so is best suited to this type of work.

Crystals and minerals can be cleansed and recharged at any time although kyanite and citrine do not need clearing as they seem not to absorb or accumulate negativity. This is typically done at full or new moon but there is no rule or right time. It is always up to you as you develop your relationship with your crystals.