Shop by Intention

This is a huge subject, but simply put, our thoughts shape of our lives and our reality. I am as I think.

Firstly, we need to accept that we can’t change anything other than ourselves and our perception of what is happening around us. Secondly, we attract what we give out: the story we tell ourselves has a significant impact on our experience. Thirdly, the universe is limitless, and we grow and develop in ways limited only by our sense of self, and belief in what we deserve.

Many of you may be familiar with this notion and have personal experience of mindfulness, gratitude, or affirmation practices, and use these to great effect.

Choosing your intention may be as simple as writing down an aspect of yourself or your life that you wish was different: a positive statement of how that change will look; more I express myself clearly and find the right words easily, than, I wish people understood me better. You may wish to create a mantra to chant, or you may simply decide to change how you view an aspect of yourself by remembering that positive affirmation every time you revert to negative statements about your perceived reality. I have found that it helps to write down your affirmation and repeat it as often as you can, out loud if possible.

“May all that is unforgiven in you
Be released.
May your fears yield
Their deepest tranquilities.
May all that is unlived in you
Blossom into a future
Graced with love.”

John O’Donohue

Crystals and minerals are wonderful tools in developing our intentions, as not only do they remind us of what we wish to achieve by virtue of their presence in our lives, they also fuel the energy of our thoughts with their own unique vibration.

In practical terms, a tumblestone may be carried in your pocket or bra to remind you of the change you are making every time you feel it; a cluster may serve as a part of a pre-yoga ritual or meditation; a pendant may be worn on the days you need that particular support; or a polished piece may be held as you say, chant, sing, or dance to your mantra or say your personal affirmation.

I have chosen twelve intentions that in my experience best encapsulate the changes we wish to make; you can also find these as part of the filter options on my Shop page. I have expanded on these key 12 intentions below so that you can find the best match for your own personal goals and easily search for that support.

Remember, we are the change we seek and we all deserve wellbeing.


To pay my bills with ease.
Confidence that the universe will meet my requirements.
An understanding that I do not have to limit my expectations.
To feel worthy of prosperity, good health and comfort.
To accept the unlimited reality of the universe.
Complete awareness of the laws of attraction.
Not to confuse greed, which is want for the sake of having, with the desire to make a new reality.
To feel comfortable creating a wholesome and comfortable life for myself.
To live in the bounty of unlimited possibilities.


Clear verbal interactions with others.
To listen well.
To speak effectively.
To hear and understand.
To be heard and understood.
To find the right words to convey my thoughts and ideas.
To recognise body language.
To develop telepathic experience.
To notice the messages of reoccurring patterns and symbols.
Connection with energy beings or loved ones who have left their bodies.


To be the creator of original articles, items or ideas.
To make my visions a reality.
A life with imagination as the driving force.
To open myself to playfulness.
To be guided by inspiration.
The confidence to create the shape of my life.
To use my natural talents to support myself and others.
To be inventive in finding solutions to the challenges I face.
To give free rein to my knowledge, cleverness and innate genius.
To allow resourcefulness to stimulate my activity.

Energy Clearing

To change the atmosphere in my home or work space.
To create a positive environment around me.
To remove old attachments or patterns that are unhelpful.
To sweep out all that no longer serves me.
To shift away stubborn entities with the intention of helping them find their way.
To stimulate and clear my chakras and energy flow.
To clear and expand my aura.
To connect with and energise earth's ley lines.


Love and Joy

To love and be loved.
To experience all the varieties of loving relationships.
Romance in my life.
To cherish my family.
A full appreciation of every moment in the present.
To be a good friend to those I have in my life.
To give and receive affection unconditionally.
A more passionate love life.
The devotion to emanate the pure joy of childlike happiness.
To appreciate the beauty in everything I surround myself with.
To let go of the fear of loss.
To experience the limitless power of kindness.

Mental Focus

To think clearly.
To reliably remember what I need to.
To create a plan to achieve my goals.
To calm my thoughts and create a helpful story that nurtures my efforts.
To bring order to my thinking.
To study well.
To offer the best of myself to my work and play.
Trust in my decisions.
My imagination to reign free.
Mental discipline.
To master clear perception.


To feel safe.
To create a space of positivity.
To be secure from harm.
To prevent external negativity from affecting my wellbeing.
To create a safe haven.
To shield myself from toxic people.
A sense of thriving in my survival.
A grounded connection to mother earth.
To be centred.
To feel a sense of belonging.
To trust that I will always be ok.


To deal with my challenges with calm.
To experience more tranquility in my day to day life.
Support to let go of fear and anger.
The wisdom to understand what we can change.
Acceptance for others as they are.
More moments of peace and quiet.
To remain composed under pressure or opposition.
To keep cool in the face of trouble.
To learn to live in the stillness of the moment.
Better balance in my life.
To enjoy clear energy flow.
To accept and adapt to all natural life stages and processes.


To sleep well.
My child to benefit from enough good quality sleep.
A happy bedtime routine.
To wake replenished with enthusiasm for my tasks.
To recall my dreams.
My dreamlife to help direct my wakeful focus.
To trust that my dreams are helping my process.
To appreciate rest as an essential part of my health.
Acceptance that our sleep patterns change throughout our lives.


To acknowledge the life force that exists in everything.
A feeling of connectedness to all things.
To live in accordance with Buddha nature.
To connect with others energy in a mutually supportive way.
To rise above the mundane.
An awareness of universal oneness.
To open my perception beyond the physical world.
The loving support of my ancestors to be present in my life.
To discover the non-physical way to express pure love.
To allow God is Love to guide my life.
To create rituals that make time for a sense of the wonder of being.


Confidence that I will complete the things I want or need to.
Enthusiasm for the things I do.
Staying power.
Stamina and lust for life.
To feel an inner glow.
To make brave choices and venture outside of my safe zone.
To feel energetic.
To be more animated.
To live life to the best of my abilities.
To add some sparkle to my efforts.
Fun and laughter in my life.