How do I Cleanse my Crystals and Minerals?

Cleansing crystals and minerals is a simple process that clears away the energy of everyone else that has handled it and allows it be purely yours.

There are several ways to do this;

  • Put your crystal under flowing water such as a tap, river or spring and then put somewhere sunny to dry.
  • Take your crystal to the beach and let the waves flow over it and then dry it on the shore.
  • Place your crystal in a bowl of salt water for up to 24 hours and then put in the sun until dry. Not advised for some of the softer minerals such as selenite which will turn cloudy.
  • Smudge by burning an herb bundle of sage or incense and holding your crystal in the smoke for a while. Smoke has been used for purifying in many cultures throughout our history.
  • Place your crystal on a large cluster or mineral you have designated for this purpose for up to 24 hours. Amethyst is especially good for this.
  • Visualise a white or golden light surrounding your crystal, with the intent to clear away any unhelpful energy. This act of meditation and focus can be a great way for you to begin to acquaint yourself with the energy of your crystal and for it to reveal why it found you.

The full moon is a lovely time of the month to cleanse your crystals. I put mine outside for a day or two to benefit from the moonlight but they may also be put onto an inside windowsill where the lunar rays will touch them overnight. This method is best for soft minerals that should not get wet. Most minerals benefit from the natural overnight dew or rainfall as the water also acts to clear and cleanse your crystals.

Citrine and kyanite never need cleansing but you may wish to pop them outside from time to time.

Malachite in its natural unpolished form is toxic when wet, so choose a dry cleanse method or simply put it outside in the rain and wait for the sun to completely dry it before you pick it up.

Pyrite and hematite will both rust if left in water for too long but are fine for a brief immersion. Dry them off with a clean, soft cloth.

Selenite and desert rose are both gypsum and should not get wet as they are very soft. Angelite will also go cloudy if it gets wet but can be oiled to bring it back to its shiny self.