Celestine geode


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A really unusual celestine geode, almost complete, that is like a bowl full of fabulous sky blue crystals. The natural matrix is quite thin and so allows the light to shine through and illuminate the whole piece. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Weight 1.004 kg
Dimensions 10.3 × 8.5 × 7.5 cm

Throat / Vishuddha


Communication, Intuition, Love and Joy, Mental Focus, Serenity, Spirituality




Clusters, Home Decor

Also known as celestite in some locations.

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Also known as celestite in some locations.


Stimulates fluent communication on all levels, speaking, listening and intuition. Connects us with the angels, supports lucid verbalisation of information received and dream recall. Promotes hope, calmness and serenity transforming discord and worry into light and love. An aid to balance one’s energies and to equalise them with external energies. Heightens rationality, analysis of complex ideas, integration of consciousness and instinct to enable a clear understanding of all facets of an issue.
  • Gemini
Number vibration: 8,2
Also known as Celestite, typically a pale sky blue but may be clear, white, yellow, orange, red and ochre, a natural form of strontium sulfate.


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