Fluorite with calcite


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An unusual natural fluorite with a lovely example of cubic growth forms with the addition of some dog tooth calcite. A stunning specimen piece that will look great in your home or work space.

Weight 0.338 kg
Dimensions 8.3 × 6.6 × 6 cm

Crown / Sahasrara, Third Eye / Ajna


Communication, Energy Clearing, Intuition, Mental Focus, Spirituality


Calcite, Fluorite


Home Decor, Natural

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This mineral brings order to chaos, stabilising disruptive and disorganised behaviour, whether mental, physical or emotional. Fluorite increases mental focus, concentration and intuition, strengthening the link between mind and universal energy, clearing confusion and auras. Stimulates and supports the creation of plans, method and structure.
  • Capricorn
  • Pisces
Number vibration: 7  
A cubic or eight-sided form of Calcium Fluoride.


Mohs scale mineral hardness: 4  


An energy amplifier and excellent healing stone, which clears and activates all chakras according to colour. Helps the mind and body to remember the perfection of well-being and so assists us to reobtain that perfect physical, emotional and spiritual state. Supports learning, memory, insight and a macrocosmic appreciation of nature.
  • Cancer
Number vibration: 8  
A trigonal form of calcium carbonate found in all colours.


Mohs scale mineral hardness: 3  
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