Sulphur cluster


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A simple but unmistakable sulphur cluster, with masses of vibrant yellow crystalline forms on natural bedrock.

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 3 × 2.7 cm

Solar Plexus / Manipura


Abundance, Energy Clearing, Intuition, Serenity, Vitality




Clusters, Home Decor

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Traditionally used as a fumigant and to ceremonially clear the cardinal directions, sulphur will sooth away our personal obstacles to development and change. A negatively charged element, supporting the removal of negative attitudes, thoughts and emotions ameliorating their unhelpful impact. Stimulates a sense of dedication to personal growth, calms sudden outbursts, misdirected will and may bring unexpected insight or inspiration.

  • Leo
Number vibration: 7  
A common sublimate of volcanic gases, typically bright yellow orthorhombic or dipyramid crystals.


Mohs scale mineral hardness: 2  
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